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Vanessa Atadeniz

"Alsco is well on the way to achieving its big bold sustainability goals thanks to the continued financial support from our owners, and commitment and perseverance from our management team and employees. It is a continuous, complex and delicate balance to ensure New Zealand businesses and New Zealand Inc. can prosper and therefore achieve equitable and long-term success - socially and environmentally - for future generations to survive."

A key reason I joined Alsco was how genuine and committed the Alsco Leadership team and organisation is to the Strategic Pillars, especially Purpose Beyond Profit. Purpose Beyond Profit includes our big bold sustainability goals to be a business that considers the impact of everything we do on the social and natural environment.

We know what we do every day makes an incremental difference to making New Zealand more equitable for future generations.  

Alsco’s Purpose Beyond Profit is interconnected, so our success in achieving our sustainability goals depends on Alsco being productive and prosperous – to enable us to invest in and successfully transition to a low-emissions business by 2030.

Every dollar we invest in sustainability initiatives must be measured and returned to ensure the cost of transitioning to low emissions is equitable for the long-term success of future generations.

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