Haris Murtaza

“The graduate program, which was developed after careful consideration of the business being able to meet its energy reduction goals has provided unparalleled learning opportunities for us. It has instilled a greater level of understanding around energy and carbon data, while further refining our focus and widening the scope for sustainability initiatives.”

Steve Barden

The graduate program has enabled me to be a dedicated resource deployed to review and improve Alsco’s energy management practices and implement efficiency. 

The program ensures that the business can commit the time and resources needed to analyse how energy is being used and the best ways to make savings.

I have an Electrical Engineering background, graduating from the University of Auckland in 2020. This program has built on my educational background and provided deeper insight into the energy landscape of New Zealand. The initiative will ensure that we have the local expertise, skills, and knowledge to transition to a low carbon economy while building New Zealand’s capacity in energy efficiency and sustainability.

The goal of the project is to deliver 2GW of savings, corresponding to approximately 3% of Alsco’s entire energy usage and equivalent to switching off 220 million LEDs or powering 18,000 Electric Vehicles. To date, 66% of the savings have been achieved and quantified, with a further 67% of energy-saving projects identified and proposed. This will ensure that Alsco does not only meet its EECA graduate program goals but exceeds them.