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  • Gavin Smith

It's always good to try things!

Alsco encourages our branches to try sustainable options.  This is a great initiative from Dunedin.

2 April 2019 Email from Rosemary Tarbotton

"At Te Rangi Hiroa College we use the linen service provided. We are very happy with the service but are concerned about the number of single use plastic bags you use to hold the sheets etc. Is there any way you can use something else? In this time of trying to teach students about sustainability we would appreciate you trying to come up with a better solution. Many thanks, Rosemary"


4 April 2019 Invitation from Alsco to trial reusable bags

The trial commences the following week, packing linen into a reusable bag (which is actually a pillow slip liner) as opposed to wrapping in plastic.


24 April 2019 Third Week of Trial

The trial is now in its third week with great feedback and cooperation from Rosemary and her team at Te Rangi Hiroa College.

  • There are 28 bags in circulation, with no rejects or the need to have any laundered so far.

  • The College folds the used bags and returns them clean to Alsco and they have been used a few times already without needing to be laundered or replaced.

  • The contents of each bag can be distinguished by the profile of the packed bag when it is stacked neatly on the customers shelves.

  • Another three university colleges have approached with interest in the service.

This week we have included pillow slips to the trial.


15 May 2019

A word from Rosemary Tarbotton

"Thanks for taking our request for a more sustainable wrap seriously. We are very happy with the work you have done in supplying these reusable fabric laundry bags. Our residents are appreciative also! Regards, Rosemary"


Other reasons that make good sense...

Reports from the Dunedin Production Team inicate that the average time to wrap queen sheets in plastic is 28 seconds, but with the reusable bags they have managed to bring this down to an average of 19 seconds.


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