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  • Gavin Smith

Possible Solution For Old Overalls

Alsco is very proud to be a partner in the Textile Reuse Programme, working with others dedicated to significantly reducing the environmental impacts of clothing and textiles being sent to landfill at the end of their ‘first’ useful life. We want to help design and build the systems, technology and products to loop our used linen and clothing back into usefulness, extracting much greater value from our textile waste, and helping to save resources and reduce environmental impacts.

Alsco is super pleased that a Roading Project trial in NZ is looking at using waste textiles as a replacement for imported cellulose, with tonnes required annually as an additive in road mix.

Why import when we have heaps of cellulose here already, albeit trapped in cotton and poly-cotton overalls and garments. With research partners Scion, WSP NZ and NZTA; the Textile Reuse Programme is now developing a proposal for the next stage, taking the work from the laboratory to field trials.

The government is focusing on shovel ready projects to stimulate economic activity post pandemic. To achieve this the Roading Project has been put forward for funding through the Waste Minimisation Fund to take the project from field trials to commercialisation. Alsco is really keen to provide the feedstock for this project, it is fantastic next step, and by reusing old garments as a source for cellulose we reduce waste and reduce the need to import new resources.

This is an exciting step forward for all of us, fingers crossed for a successful outcome. A win all round and it supports nicely Alsco’s Four big Bold Goals.


Read more about the Reuse Programme


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